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2020 was trying to say the least…and 2021 has already gotten off to a supercharged start. Countless media outlets and news programming have detailed the outcry and devastation that people of color had to endure in 2020 and our faith has definitely been tested. For all of the atrocities that occurred during the past year, Black and Brown people have once again shown their resilience and strength by preserving and pushing towards change to come together to harbor strength. At the core of the protests, political movements and more importantly, the celebrations, the image of pure Black Joy has become...

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December 29, 2020 How To Style Your HBCU Collegiate Sweatshirt: Four Trendy Looks to Wear Today Sweater Weather is no joke and depending on where you are, it’s a season that necessitates a complete wardrobe switch. Thankfully, there are so many sweater styles to choose from. From the classic crewneck sweatshirts to cropped sweaters, from high necks to hoodies, the options are endless to solve two problems: cold and discomfort. There will always be room for the comfy, cozy sweater as temperatures drop and layers begin to multiply. College is synonymous with sweatshirts and are a quick fix for a...

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