Amplifying Black Joy

2020 was trying to say the least…and 2021 has already gotten off to a supercharged start. Countless media outlets and news programming have detailed the outcry and devastation that people of color had to endure in 2020 and our faith has definitely been tested.

For all of the atrocities that occurred during the past year, Black and Brown people have once again shown their resilience and strength by preserving and pushing towards change to come together to harbor strength.

At the core of the protests, political movements and more importantly, the celebrations, the image of pure Black Joy has become a beacon of strength for the community.  

My reiteration of Black is no accident. I have never been prouder to be a part of a culture so rich in strength and history. No amount of hatred, nor the world’s perception that we are less, will ever take that away.

When you live in a country that makes it difficult for you to simply exist, bringing joy into your life is a radical act.

So regardless of what 2020 represented in terms of hatred and pulling back the veil of racism, classism and discrimination, I, like so many of my brothers and sisters, have chosen JOY to lead me through 2021.


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