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• Woman-Owned • Black-Owned • Mom-Owned •⁣

Black-Owned Clothing Brand

With a focus on life’s celebrations and biggest moments — from HBCU love and Black pride, to birthdays to weddings — our mission is to provide JOY in all forms through apparel. We are TRULY grateful for our many supporters who proudly wear the Liv & Elle brand while exuding confidence, pride and radiance. ☼.

We create uniquely designed Black-owned t-shirts and apparel that are made of quality for all ages. We offer you a variety of color options and sizes that suit every body type and personality.

We also offer wholesale opportunities, brand collaborations, and merchandising strategies for small businesses. With our apparel brand, we aim to empower and celebrate Black culture. In all things, remember to find JOY, PRIDE and LOVE. 🖤



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